State License / Registration Listing

Here is a list of jurisdictions and trade categories in which Burke Construction Group, Inc. is legally qualified to do business. We have indicated license or registration numbers, where applicable.

To view the license numbers, click the state to expand the details.

State of Alaska

Contractor’s License – Unlimited
License # 35574

State of Arizona

License # ROC257274-A (Gen. Eng. Unlimited)
License # ROC257273-B (Gen. Contractor Unlimited)

State of California

Contractor’s License – Unlimited
License # 932836 AB

State of Colorado

Business License
License # 20091643358

State of Georgia

Contractor’s License
License # GCCO004132

State of Idaho

Contractor’s License – Unlimited
License # RCE-29232

State of Illinois

Corporate Registration
Registration # 6877-508-6

State of Iowa

Contractor’s Registration
Registration # C118435

State of Louisiana

Contractor’s License – Unlimited
License # 53984

State of Mississippi

Certificate of Responsibility
License # 19782-MC

State of Missouri

Contractor’s License – Branson , MO
Registration # 00013988

State of Montana

Contractor’s Registration
License # 160273

State of Nevada

Contractor’s License – Unlimited
License #0022189 AB

Burke Special Projects, LLC – $5,000,000
License #0081081 B

State of New Mexico

Contractor’s License – GB98 Unlimited
License # 365976

State of New Jersey

Certificate of Authority
# 0400355821

State of New York

Safety Registration w/ Construction Endorsement
License # 614345

State of North Dakota

Contractor’s License – Unlimited
License # 39699 A

State of Oklahoma

Certificate of Authority
# 231225224

State of Oregon

Contractor’s License
License #188445-Comm Gen. Contractor Level 1

State of Pennsylvania

Contractor’s Registration
Registration # 515820091201

State of South Dakota

Certificate of Authority
Organizational ID # FB033965

State of Texas

Certificate of Authority
# 801187780

State of Utah

Contractor’s License – Unlimited B100/E100
License # 7418995-5501
(General Engineering / General Building)

State of Virginia

Contractor’s License
License # 2705 131745A
(Class A / Building Classification)

State of Washington

Commercial Contractor’s Registration
License # CCBURKECG909LG

State of Wyoming

Geographic Contractor’s License – City of Casper
License # 90