Project Description

Client: United Health Group
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Contract Method: Lump Sum

Building Square Footage: 14,332 sq. ft.
Project Duration: 7 Months
Expected Project Completion:
 May 2016

Architect: Little Diversified Architectural Consultants
Owner: United Health Group

This was a multi-phased commercial medical remodel project for the United Health Care Group. As part of the expansions, Burke constructed a podiatry office with 4 exam rooms and an x-ray and procedure room. Concurrently, the third floor was demolished to relocate the Pediatric Clinic from the first floor that provided new examination rooms, offices, and a reception area. The second phase included the remodel of the Radiology clinic – completed at night to avoid disrupting the clinic’s normal operating hours. The final phase added more exam rooms and work stations to the first floor where the Pediatric Clinic was located.

Project Features


Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxTenant Improvement

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxMulti-phased Construction

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxOperational during Construction