Project Description

Client: LDS – 9th & Clark Family Search Lift
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Contract Method: Lump Sum

Project Duration: 1 Month
Project Completion:
 June 2015

Architect: Not Applicable
Owner: Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The LDS & Clark Family Search Lift is located near downtown Las Vegas off of 9th & Clark.  The LDS Life is a bi-level interior tenant improvement.  This site included the partial demolition of a stage and door frames, which were replaced with wider openings, for ADA access and mechanized lift and lift enclosure.

Project Features

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxReligious Facility

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxMinor Tenant Improvement

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxMinor Demolition