Project Description

Client: Marnell Airport Center – MAC 2 & 3
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Contract Method: Competitive Bid; Lump Sum

Building Square Footage: MAC 2 = 58,195 sq. ft., MAC 3= 74,882 sq. ft. Total= 133,077 sq. ft. 
Project Duration:
 12 Months
Project Completion: November 2017

Architect: Lee & Sakahara
Owner: Marnell Airport Center, LLC

Two tilt-up industrial warehouse buildings for Marnell Airport Center, located by the McCarran Airport. These buildings were constructed on a 10-acre parcel with all required site improvements to accommodate the building structures.

Project Features

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxShell Building

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxConcrete Tilt-Up Project

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxStorefront Glazing

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40px10 Acre Parcel