Lakeview Worker's Camp (2)

Project Description

Client: Lakeview Worker’s Camp
Location: Lakeview, Oregon
Contract Method: Lump Sum

Project Duration: 1 Month
Project Completion: August 2010

Architect: CardnoWRG
Owner: Teton Buildings, LLC

Temporary camp facility that housed 350 workers building a 42” natural gas pipeline from Wyoming to Oregon. The Camp consisted of Temporary modular housing with kitchen and dining facilities for 350 personnel on a 10 acre site.  This working site was used for approximately 8-12 months, then the 10 acre property was restored to its original state.

Project Features

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxRemote Housing Site

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxTemporary Facility

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxLand Restoration