Project Description

Client: FDM4 America
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Contract Method: Lump Sum

Building Square Footage: 4,606 sq. ft.
Project Duration: 1 Month
Project Completion:
 November 2015

Architect: Vedelago Pestch Architects
Owner: New Russell One, LLC

The scope for FDM4 included a highly customized interior and finished including a wet bar in the owner’s office, custom toilet and sinks in the owner’s private bathrooms. Doors and top caps received an African mahogany stained finish. The executive’s offices and the main lobby including the conference room have beautiful marble flooring. The main entry, conference room, and PM offices include a full glass wall and glass door. Custom cabinets and sinks installed in the breakroom and cabinets in the copy room and small cabinet in the conference room. The wall finish is a light grey paint color with a level 5 smooth coat finish.  The rest of the scope consisted of electrical and plumbing work as well as hard lids soffits throughout space.

Project Features

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxTenant Improvement

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxCustom Cabinetry

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxElectrical & Plumbing

Burke_Favicon_BulletPoint_40pxMarble Flooring