Welcome to the BURKE CMiC User Portal (CUP)! The BURKE CUP provides the Burke team with tools and links for training, getting started, support and Frequently Asked Questions that will help make your time using the CMiC System efficient and productive, while providing you with the required information to expedite trouble shooting.

CMiC is a Cloud Based ERP System geared toward the Construction/Contractor Industry. The system, as is consistent with all ERP systems, is designed to integrate all departments into a single software system with applications designed for Financial Management (i.e. Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Job Cost, Job Billing, Contract Management, Payroll, etc.) and Project Management (i.e. RFI’s, Issues, Meeting Minutes, Drawings, Schedules, Daily Reports, Occurrence Reports, etc.).



CMiC aligns everyone on the team — from in-office staff to on-site workers — with a single database platform solution purpose-built for the construction industry, and keeps the team moving toward the same goal without missing a beat.



Have additional questions? Email us at info@burkecgi.com.


Firefox is the recommended web browser to access CMiC and utilize the system properly. You can DOWNLOAD Firefox HERE.




The process of getting started as a collaborator in CMiC will be kicked off by your Burke Project Manager.

1. First your Burke Project Manager will request Collaborator access on your behalf from Burke Controller.
2. You will then receive an email from Burke’s Information Technology team notifying you that CMiC access has been granted and the URL for the CMiC environment.
3. Your user ID and password will be provided in a separate email.
4. Once you have received these two emails, you can log into the system to verify your access.
5. Begin using CMiC on your project!

Each Burke project team will designate someone on their team to be a support representative for their collaborators.  This representative will be a liaison between the collaboration users and Burke Business Technology, Burke CMiC Training resources and the CMiC Support group. Please contact your Burke team support representative with any CMiC questions or concerns. If you do not know who your Burke support representative is, please contact your Burke Project Manager.

If you are having troubles with your username or password, please contact your Burke Project Manager.

Currently, there are no updates.

— Who should I contact or what should I do to get a User Login for CMiC? You or your Manager should contact the Controller (Allen Brown) to be setup in CMiC with the correct security access and a User Login. Your User Login information will be sent to you via email from the CMiC system.

— Who should I contact or what should I do if I forgot my login password? Again, you or your Manager should contact the Controller (Allen Brown) to request your password to be reset. Allen will send an email providing you with a temporary password. After logging in with that password you can then change your password by clicking on your username in the top right hand corner of the screen and then clicking “change password” on the pop-up menu that appears after you click on your username.

— Who should I contact or what should I do if my project(s) is missing a contact or business partner? Contact your Project Assistant for your project and they can assign the business partner and contact you need added to your project. If it is a new business partner or a new contact that needs added to a current business partner, your Project Assistant will coordinate that with the Project Coordinator and/or Accounting.

— What is the process for setting up a New Job/Project in CMiC? As part of the CMiC Project Notification process, the Vice President of Operations (John Travassos) will send an email to the Project Coordinator and the Controller notifying them of the team and their assignments. The Controller will setup up the Project and Job and the Project Coordinator will assign the team and team roles to that Project and Job.

— Who should I contact regarding training on the system, whether it is as a refresher, as a whole or for a specific area(s)? If you think you would benefit from some refresher training on the use of CMiC in addition to the workflow documents and flowcharts provided to you in your CMiC User Manual, please contact the Director of Finance (Mark Fletcher). A training session will be coordinated by the Director of Finance with himself and/or the appropriate CMiC super user(s).

— Who should I contact if I am unable to access or view a menu option? If you are unable see a menu option and believe it is necessary to perform your tasks for your Project Team, please contact the Project Coordinator who will then discuss it with the Controller to determine if a change in security access or role is required.

— Who should I contact about getting a new report or log that can be included in CMiC? If you have a request for a new report, a new log, an adjustment to a current report or current log, please contact the Director of Finance (Mark Fletcher). The Director of Finance will get with you to put together a needs assessment, develop a plan and obtain a quote, if necessary. The Director of Finance will then review all of this with the Vice President of Operations and CEO for final approval of plan.